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Developmental Disabilities Support
in New Jersey

We work under the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide direct support professionals for individuals with developmental delay. These services allows individuals to thrive in the community, as an alternative to institutionalization. New Jersey Medicaid pays 100%. Call now to learn more.

Who We Serve
To be eligible for these direct support services, an individual must:
  • Be a New Jersey resident age 21+
  • Be Medicaid eligible
  • Have a developmental disability that:
    • manifested prior to age 22
    • is lifelong
    • limits the individual in at least three of these activities: self-care, mobility, communication, self-direction, economic self-sufficiency, or the ability to live independently
Vocational Support Developmental Disabilities
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Direct Support Professional in New Jersey

Direct Support Professionals

Our direct support professionals provide a range of services for adults with developmental disabilities. We promote enhanced independence, productivity, family functioning, and community inclusion. Our direct support professionals work one-to-one with clients. We support and provide breaks for family caregivers.

These services are meant to be a supplement to other programs available to New Jersey residents with developmental disabilities. Families and clients can use these services without interfering with their other programs.

Respite Support Developmental Disability

Home & Family

We fill in for family caregivers so they can have breaks. We provide direct respite support to help look after clients with developmental disabilities. This can include personal attentions such as supervision, meal prep, hygiene assistance, transportation assistance, etc. Additionally, activities can include counseling, behavioral interventions, and/or consultations to help clients manage their behaviors and learn to interact with others. Therapeutic cognitive activities help individuals learn new and different ways to function with increased efficacy and independence. We can help plan and implement physical adaptations at a client's residence to promote greater independence and safety. Additionally, we can help train family and other caregivers.

Companion Services West Chester, PA


We can also help support clients in vocational skills, problem solving, self help, social skills, and adaptive skills. Transportation, recreation, and community involvement can all enhance the direct service as part of the independent service plan.